Cox Accounting and Consulting offers a select group of services for individuals who are seeking tax assistance, personalized financial planning, retirement and estate planning, and other financial advice. We work with both self-employed and employed individuals and focus on helping you accomplish your most important personal financial goals in the short-term and in the future.


Fee-Only Financial Planning Services

Although financial planning in Swansboro, NC is crucial for everyone, many people are concerned about the conflict of interest that can arise when a portion of a financial advisor’s income comes from the sale of financial products.


With our fee-only financial planning services you never have to worry about that. Our advice is based on what is truly best for your financial goals, and we take the time to learn about your specific situation so that we can accurately advise you on what is best for you.


Our investment recommendations are truly unbiased, and we can also offer an expert second opinion on any aspect of your investment portfolio or help you create a full financial plan if you don’t have one.


Retirement and Estate Planning

With our extensive experience offering financial planning in Jacksonville, North Carolina, Cox Accounting and Consulting can help you prepare for the future with our estate planning and retirement planning services.


In modern times, retirees have more active lifestyles than ever before which makes retirement planning crucial. You should consider whether or not the amount of money you’re saving for retirement will allow you to live comfortably, and if you don’t have a plan in place it’s never too soon to start.


You may have several questions about retirement such as the age that you should start saving for it, retirement plans for self-employed individuals, housing questions and more. We can answer all of these questions and more, while helping you prepare an adequate retirement plan.


For estate planning, we can ensure that you have the arrangements in place so that your designated heirs will retain the highest amount of your assets possible. This can include creating your estate, forming wills and trusts, designating beneficiaries and working with your estate planning attorney to ensure that everything in your estate is properly organized.


Tax Services

Cox Accounting and Consulting can help you with any service related to accounting and bookkeeping in Swansboro, North Carolina that you may need including preparing your annual tax returns, self-employed tax returns, tax planning, tax advice regarding investments, IRS form filings, extension filings and more.


We can work with you in a wide range of areas including filing your tax returns accurately and on time, creating an accurate estimate of taxes owed when you need to file an extension, answering any tax related questions you might have about a new entity or a new job, or advice on the tax implications of your stock and bond investments or other investments.


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