Cox Accounting and Consulting offers a wide range of services for financial planning in Swansboro, NC and accounting services for businesses of all sizes. We are passionate about helping your business achieve its short term and long term goals, and we spend the necessarytime to get acquainted with your unique organization and the challenges that you are currently facing. By doing this, we are able to provide effective and accurate advice. We save you time and let you focus on the most critical aspects of your business while helping you overcome some of your biggest obstacles.


The do-it-yourself drive that you relied on to start your own business is usually a disadvantage when it comes to handling your own financial planning. Trying to juggle financial planning with your other business obligations can quickly become overwhelming. A business consultant in Swansboro, NC is usually needed in the many complicated financial planning areas that will inevitably arise as your business grows.


Our various business services are outlined below:


Fee-Only Financial Planning

We offer expert fee-only unbiased financial planning in Swansboro, NC and for our clients in many other parts of the world. Our financial planning services include: financial risk management, retirement planning, investment planning, estate planning and more. These areas can quickly become complex as your business grows, and we can help you with them at any stage.


Budgeting and Growth Management

Growing your business can be challenging, and budgeting is a crucial tool in the process. With our extensive experience in financial planning and business budgeting, we can help you understand everything involved and help you create and stick to a budget to help your business expand.


Financial Statement Preparation and Services

Financial statements can be complex even for those with extensive business experience. As a leading Jacksonville, NC business consultant, we can assist you with preparing any financial statements that you may need for your business, as they are crucial for understanding the fiscal performance of your business.


Cash Flow Management

Cash is king. Cash flow management is perhaps the most crucial component to the success of any business, however, business owners can tend to overlook it as they manage their daily operations. Cox Accounting and Consulting will help you understand your daily and monthly financial needs and assist you with maintaining stability for your business. We can create systems that monitor your cash and help you understand how to manage it better.


Projections and Forecasting

Projections and forecasting can be challenging as you are trying to anticipate your future expenses and your company’s potential growth. Cox Accounting and Consulting can help with your sales projections and forecasting so that you have a better understanding of your monetary and operational needs.


Inventory Management and Flow

Inventory management involves overseeing the flow of units in and out of any existing inventory. Inventory is the lifeblood of many businesses, and you must be able to manage flow effectively to avoid losing sales. We can assist your business with inventory management to ensure that you never lose out on potential sales.


Systems Audit and Advisory Services

Does your organization have the appropriate systems for its day to day needs? If you don’t have the right systems in place to accomplish your business goals, we can help your business implement them with our systems audit and advisory service.


Marketing Strategy and Brand Development

As a leading business consultant in Swansboro, NC, we caneven assist you with your several aspects of your marketing strategy and brand development requirements. We have many years of experience helping businesses build their brands and can work with you to come up with an effective marketing strategy that includes utilizing social media and other forms of digital marketing.


Business Plans

Your business plan provides a written description of the future of your business and details what you plan on doing. If you haven’t created one yet or want to revamp your current business plan, Cox Accounting and Consulting can draft one for you and ensure that you have a solid plan in place for the growth of your business.


Tax and Compliance Services

We can assist you with filing your quarterly, estimated and annual taxes and provide you with tax advice, planning and oversight services.


Bookkeeping Services

We have extensive experience helping businesses with accounting and bookkeeping in Swansboro, NC and elsewhere. If you need assistance with any bookkeeping services for your business such as creating sales and purchase orders, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and more, we’re happy to save you time and take care of this critical component.