Christy Cox is an expert accountant and financial planner and the founder of Cox Accounting and Consulting, a leading firm for accounting and bookkeeping in Swansboro, NC. Christy is passionate about helping individuals and businesses of all sizes with accomplishing their financial goals and streamlining their operations.


With over 15 years of experience in accounting and financial planning in Swansboro, NC and other regions, Christy has helped businesses and individuals through just about every financial situation imaginable, and she has earned a reputation for providing her clients with effective advice that is always customized to their precise needs.


Christy started her career in restaurant management and she eventually managed the opening of four separate locations. She also has extensive experience with running other types entities including one that went from start-up to becoming a leader in its industry. She has also worked extensively in the financial industry and has consulted on SEC filing documentation for several well-known large investment firms in New York City.


Christy returned to Swansboro, North Carolina in 2008 to work on developing her financial planning skills. In North Carolina, she worked as an assistant financial planner before starting a job as an operations manager and controller for an internationally renowned company. This company started in the owner’s garage and went on to become the international leader in its industry.


Regarding this position, Christy says, “I’ve never had a better education than helping to build a company from the ground up. I made a lot of mistakes and we celebrated a lot of triumphs. Each was a genuine learning experience.”


After her position ended and with her husband coming to the end of his 20-year military career, she decided to launch Cox Accounting and Consulting, LLC with the purpose of helping business owners and individuals better prepare for the present and future. She still retains this company as a client today.


Cox Accounting and Consulting provides expert fee-only financial planning in Jacksonville, NC and nationally, plus accounting services and consulting to individuals and businesses. She decided on providing fee-only financial planning services to remove the bias and distrust associated with commission based financial planning.


Christy is renowned for her dedication to her clients’ business success, and under her leadership Cox Accounting and Consulting has become a top provider of consulting, accounting and bookkeeping services in the Swansboro, North Carolina region and for many other clients in the United States and abroad.


Christy graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s in accounting, and she also has a certificate in financial planning from NYU. For a free consultation or to ask any questions that you may have about the services provided by Cox Accounting and Consulting, contact us today at (252)-503-4062.